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Isle of Wight Fuels - Investing in our terminal

Wed 8 February 2017


Isle of Wight Fuels are based in East Cowes, on the River Medina on Kingston Road.

We are the owners and operators of the Islands only fuel & oil terminal.

Emerald construction are currently environmentally sealing the containment bunds to tanks 14, 6 and 1, this involves removing the current shingle, chalk and soil from the bunds and replacing with solid concrete then sealing the concrete with an impervious layer.

The reasoning for this is that if we were to get a serious fuel leak from any of these tanks the containment bund will hold it until we can remove it safely to another tank or into road tankers and therefore protecting the environment particularly the river Medina from fuel contamination, the plan is to complete this first stage as these tanks are closest to the river then repeat the process for all other useable tanks in the very near future.

We have invested heavily in the terminal over the last few years, including £350,000 on our jetty to secure the fuel berth and ensure that we can remain as a ship fed terminal.

We are an Island Business, investing from within, in our people and our resources to further grow the business and ensure the Island is stocked up with fuels, oils & lubricants for the foreseeable future.