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Isle of Wight Fuels - HSE compliance

Tue 23 May 2017


From time to time the HSE conduct compliance visits to our Terminal, in East Cowes, to ensure we are operating as safe as possible. Last time they visited one of their recommendations was to remove all flammable materials from the Packing store and effectively de-zone the area.

We always complete all recommendations and since the visit we have purchased a bespoke shipping container which has been converted to our specification.

This specification is that the container is bun...ded. This means it has a second skin, a container within a container! If the inner tank becomes damaged or leaks, the outer tank, the “bund”, will contain the leak and prevent any wastage.

The container also needs to be fully ventilated and has a full side opening access and a floor grid. It has also been painted white to reflect the suns heat.

All flammable material has now been relocated from the packing store to the bunded container and the packing store has now been de-zoned. Work has now commenced on restructuring the workshop within the packing store to incorporate the additional space and create a better working environment for our staff.

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