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Mon 8 January 2018

With the majority of our Customers ordering a big delivery of Heating Oil over the Winter months to ensure they are topped up for the chilly weather, we would like to offer you a few tips to ensure your Heating Oil remains in your tank and reduce the risk of falling victim to a Heating Oil Thief.

Firstly it is important to ensure you have a padlock on your tank. Often this is enough of an obstacle to act as a deterrent to a potential thief. It's no problem to us that you have a lock on the tank, simply make sure you mention it when you place your order so we can give you a quick call or text before we deliver, giving you a chance to remove the lock so the access is clear for our drivers.

Another option available to purchase online is a Tank Watchman, alerting you when your oil is becoming low and also monitoring the volume inside the tank at all times. A clever device that comes in 2 parts, one part sits on the tank, and the other part inside the house, remotely transmitting the information. If the level drops dramatically within a short period of time an alarm is sounded signalling you may have a problem.

Camouflaging the tank or growing trees around the tank can also deter thieves. Make sure you don't block access to the tank though as this may hinder Paul, Martyn & Kevin when they come to deliver your heating oil.

Be vigilant and don't be afraid to report anything you may think is suspicious. Fuel theft isn't common on the Island luckily, it certainly pays to be observant.

If you are ready for a Top Up of Oil please don't hesitate to call Lyn, Holly or Lynda on 292311.

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