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Agricultural Fuel

Here at Isle of Wight Fuels we have been supplying our local farmers with Red Diesel for over 60 years.

Whether you are servicing your machinery ready for the season ahead  and have a need for lubricants or oils or whether you have already started and need a top up of Red Diesel, Isle of Wight Fuels can supply everything from Super Universal Tractor Oil (SUTO) to a pack of Grease Cartridges. Red Diesel can be delivered straight to your tank or via a 20L drum or a 200L barrel.

We understand the Island market, so you can be sure we can fulfil your needs during your autumn sowing season and busy harvest period. With a fleet of 6 delivery vehicles we are able to deal with all your requirements safely and efficiently.

As an Island operated business we can tailor your account/credit facilities to meet your individual needs and Lyn, Holly, and Lynda, our Island based customer service team, will look after all your business requirements.

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Agricultural Fuel Agricultural Fuel